Taking Logos Back to Basics

There is a recognisable beauty in simplicity.  Keeping things simple is at the heart of BaseKit’s website builder.  Drag & drop features plus the ability to create, manage and host all in one place;  why unnecessarily over complicate things?  The fine folks over at Dorothy have a similar philosophy when it comes to creating.  Their recent collection of paintings titled ‘You Took My Name’ depict a number of well known brand logos stripped down and simplified.  These logos as paintings are a typography free zone.  Which brands can you pick out?

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Nine Neat Cinematic Cinemagraphs

Earlier this week, we featured the use of cinemagraphs in high fashion advertisements.  Cinemagraphs are an interesting video/photo hybrid bearing some similarities to the GIFs of keyboard playing cats and epic fails that we have been (somewhat unfortunately)  accustomed to seeing on the web.  In comparison to the GIFs of yesterday, cinemagraphs tend to be geared towards more refined tastes and are of  noticeably higher quality.  Today we bring you some more cinemagraphs, inspired this time by classic movies.  These cinematic cinemagraphs are a nostalgic trip through different decades of cinema. Take a peek at some of our favourites below and view the full collection here.

La Dolce Vita (1960)

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Apocalypse Now (1979)

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Destructive Creations – Amazing Art Made Out of Money

The stereotypical romantic image of the starving artist with limited means and materials is worlds apart from the works of tattoo artist turned laser artist Scott Campbell.  Using currency as his medium, Scott laser cuts into crisp US dollars creating layers and depth in the process.  His large, intricate pieces are dark, moody and melancholic.  Fascinatingly,  Scott sources his uncut US dollars fresh and direct from the United States Mint bringing a new meaning to the term ‘destructive creation.’  It seems unlikely that the US Federal Reserve will replace selling Treasury bills with creating artistic masterpieces out of US dollars as a means of regulating the money supply.  Nevertheless, we love Scott’s work here at BaseKit.  See some of our favourite pieces from Scott’s Noblesse Oblige exhibition below and read more about it at NOTCOT.

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Incredible Infographic – The Fascinating Franchise of Harry Potter

10 days away from the release of Harry Potter’s final chapter and there’s magic in the air.  Hardcore fans have already been camping out for days around Leicester Square in anticipation of the premiere tomorrow.  Rumour has it that the road connecting Trafalgar Square and Leicester square will be transformed into Diagon Alley for a day.  Harry Potter has a universal appeal and many of us have contributed to the phenomenon in different ways.  In the BaseKit office, plenty of members of the team have bought the books and watched the movies at the cinema.  A few of us even played a game or two of Quidditch at our Alma maters. The incredible impact of Harry Potter on the world is difficult to fathom.  The statistics are fascinating – did you know that 409,000 people follow JK Rowling on Twitter?  This is despite the fact that she has only tweeted 6 times.  Numbers are great but they’re even better when supported with a nifty visual.  Check out the impressive infographic courtesy of Potter Heaven and Designlov below.  Be prepared to be dazzled!