BaseKit gains ‘best web tool’ status at

Another day, another award. You know how it is. (!)

Today we’ve been awarded ‘best web tool’ by  Web Hosting Search. They say “we here at WHS came across this gem of a website builder quite recently and we are very impressed. It is not often that we see such a complete, all round and well developed web site builder that is so easy to use”.

The full review can be found here.

Best Web Tool Award

What is Search Engine Optimisation? – A 3 Minute Video

If you just finished your new website design and you’re ready to share it with the world, then optimising your website for search engines can be a cheap and effective way of getting noticed. But what is ‘search engine optimisation’? Read More …

How to Make Your First Million

how to make your first million

In short:
£25K a week – 40 weeks a year

In more detail:
I came across an article written by Daniel Priestley who started his own business when he was 21 years old. He managed to make $1 million in his first year. Although they were Australian dollars, he ended up having $300K on his bank account at the end of the year, which is quite impressive. In his article he addresses 5 ‘secrets’ that every business owner should remind:

  • the tone of voice that matches that ‘micro-niche’ target group and starts a relevant sales conversation
  • a product strategy with 3 products
  • get 10 to 100 people at a time to engage with you
  • you need a stellar sales person and you need to provide that person with warm leads
  • add credibility to your business by partnering up with respected business people in the industry

What are you waiting for? Get that business website up and running and make some money!

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A Geek’s Basic Necessity of Life

Nike Air Mag

The shoes I’ve always dreamed of!  I’m talking about the “Nike Air Mag” shoes – to be seen in Back To The Future II – with automated lacing system built in them. The guys at Nike seem to be working on the creation of the shoe, see pictures and video above. Who wants them?

Read original article here.


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