Jellyfish are the new goldfish!

At BaseKit, we like things that are different.  Hence, our curiosity was piqued when we heard about the Desktop Jellyfish Tank from Jellyfish Art.  It doesn’t get much more different than having a few pet jellyfish floating around a tank in your living room!  The Desktop Jellyfish Tank recently raised its funding goal through Kickstarter meaning that the tank is now being professionally manufactured and is available to buy online.   Visit the Jellyfish Art website for more information about this incredibly cool tank.

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Superb Sand Sculptures

Sadly, it looks like summer is officially over in the UK.  We tried our best to drag out the final days and unofficially extend the season, but with the increasing presence of UGG boots and rain jackets on the tube, we are slowly admitting defeat.  Fortunately, as we lament the loss of our warmest season, we have the superb sand sculptures created by sculptor Guy-Olivier Deveau to keep us cheerful and in a summery state of mind.  They are amazingly intricate pieces of work and a joy to look at.  Check out some of his sand sculptures below.

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Windows 8 to drop flash from its tablet OS – ditch your old school flash website builder ASAP!

Wow. Everyone is well aware of Apple’s decision not to support flash on iPods, iPhones and iPads, but Microsoft were not expected to follow suit. Today they announce that they will not be supporting flash on the tablet implementation of their tasty looking Windows 8 operating system. It will still support it on Windows 8′s desktop interface, but flash on tablets (expected to represent 15% of all computer sales in 2011!) will not happen.

What does this mean for old school website builders that rely on flash? Well, it means the websites they produce will work on even less people’s computers, tablets and phones. What’s the point in creating a website that can only be viewed by a certain number of people? A good website should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their chosen browsing platform – tablet, mobile and desktop.

Happily for BaseKit users, our website builder uses cutting-edge HTML 5 and CSS 3. This means our websites look great, can be easily found on search engines AND work on every possible web browser. This means our users will have the competitive advantage over anyone using old flash technology. Couple this with our amazing new version and it’s a great time to be a BaseKit user.

Happy website building, all.

For more on this story, visit the BBC News article by clicking here.

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