Guilty Pleasures – 20 Cheesiest Romantic Comedies

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day 2012 is almost here – a day of saccharine sweet romantic gestures and public displays of affection.  If there is ever a day to be cheesy, it’s the 14th of February.  To celebrate this commercial celebration of Eros, our grand gesture to you is a list of the 20 cheesiest romantic comedies of all time.  If you have ‘forgotten’ what happened during these movies, no need to fear, we have also supplied the cheesiest quote we could find with each movie.  That should be enough to jog your memory.  If you ever used one of those lines when you were young, care-free and under the influence of oxytocin, it’s ok – your secret is safe with us.  Let the cringe-fest begin.

Notting Hill

“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her

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Celebrity Rage Faces!

The rage face – a simple way to illustrate rage or any other simple emotion.  Sometimes you need to put a name to a rage face.  That is why today we bring you real life rage faces from around the web.  Check out our gallery of when real life imitates art!  Want to make a rage face of your own?  Want to see the web’s most extensive selection of rage faces?  Check out Dan Awesome’s Rage Maker – it beats that spreadsheet you are working on hands down!

Sarkozy – the sweet smile of success

 Simon Cowell – has that X Factor

Snooki – keeping it real

Hugh Grant – Notting Hill outtakes

Sarah Palin – the audacity of …

Sarkozy – sly

Britney – hit me baby one more time?

OJ Simpson – <pause>

The Sitch – in a stitch

Kanye West – imma let you finish

Lady Gaga – poker face

Justin Bieber – face of a belieber

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