Infographic – Should You Build a Website?

Building a website can be quite daunting.  Fortunately, BaseKit’s infographic is here to answer all your website building questions.  Click here to view the full infographic.

Wedding nightmares that will keep you awake at night!

We all have our fears of what can go wrong when it comes to the big day.  We don’t want to send shivers down your spine but we will anyway.

Dude, where’s my rings?

This is the one and only time when going with the flow does not work out as you had quite pictured.  Getting drunk with your mates the night before your wedding doesn’t seem like such a good idea now as you are scrambling around a hotel room flipping mattresses looking for the wedding rings.

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10 Most Pretentious Marriage Proposals

Once you start breaking the news of your engagement to loved ones, the question on everyone’s lips is always, ‘So, how did he propose?’ While most are happy to reply, ‘Over a candlelit dinner at our favourite local restaurant’, there’ll always be the ones that go that extra mile. We’re talking months and sometimes years of planning, great sums of money and a large helping of public humiliation.

Here’s our run down of the top 10 most pretentious marriage proposals…

Crossword Puzzle Marriage Proposal

One man came up with the idea to propose to his girlfriend through a crossword puzzle in the Washington Post. Cory Newman worked with the editor and crossword puzzle creator Bob Klahn to come up with a specially designed crossword.  The ultimate 18-letter answer he devised spelled out ’will you marry me’.

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BaseKit’s Best Bits 03/02/2012

Here at BaseKit, we pick out our favourite bits from the week and bring them straight to you.

Top 5 articles of the week

Martin Azua invents a portable house

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